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Follicool Hair Fibres

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Looking for a fast way to cover up thinning hair?

We haven’t got a cure, but we have a pretty good damn way to cover up, keeping your hair look as natural as possible.

Follicool Density fibres are made from keratin (what your hair is made from) and they blend into your existing hair to turn thinning hair into thicker looking hair.
Apply daily, like makeup, sprinkle onto your thinning scalp to provide your hair with instant thickness. Use the stable spray to lock the fibres in and go about your day.

Michael Napoli Hair is an exclusive supplier of Follicool Hair Fibres, come in for a trial, or to buy a bottle for yourself.

Available in 9 different colours in a 28g bottle which lasts quite a while
Black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blonde, light blonde,  auburn, white, grey

If you have any questions or want to buy Follicool Hair Fibres, contact us